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BAY FLIGHT 2018 features guest speakers from San Carlos Flight Center, ATC agencies, and leaders in general aviation.  The pilots who attend BAY FLIGHT 2018 are engaged to learn new things, share stories with their fellow pilots, and stay on top of the latest tools and trends.  The conference is a natural extension of the guest speaker and safety seminar program of San Carlos Flight Center, which draws about 2,300 pilots per year.  Since the program’s inception, over 4,000 pilots have participated in a San Carlos Flight Center event.

It’s a great meeting of the minds.

Does your organization support general aviation and want to be a part of BAY FLIGHT 2018?   Sponsorship opportunities are available, from conference ID badges, conference bags, seminar sponsorships, signage, and hosting the afternoon cocktail reception for participants.  For a price sheet and more information, contact

Name Badges, Lanyards, and Bags

Aviation in the SF Bay Area is a close-knit community.  Your sponsorship of conference name badges and lanyards helps pilots stay social and makes it easier for people to recognize each other and make new friends.  The event bag gives them a place to keep handouts from seminars, collect business cards, and stash a croissant for the drive home.  Either way, your sponsorship can give pilots a lasting souvenir of the event.

Vendor Display Tables

Vendor display tables will be for displaying business cards, brochures, flyers, displays, and giveaways – anything that passing pilots can read about and learn from.  The tables will be approximately 6′ x 30″, and will be backed against a wall in the hallway between the large assembly room and the break out seminar rooms, or in the lunch room.  Displays must be set up by the vendor by 8:30 AM, and all remaining displays and materials must be collected by 5:30pm on the same day after the event.

Hosted Afternoon Cocktail Reception

You would certainly make a bigger impact on the conference if your organization hosted the afternoon reception.  After the ATC Panel session ends at 4:30 PM, conference participants are invited to meet the guest speakers and other pilots in an Afternoon Cocktail Reception for more conversation and socializing until 5:30 PM with hosted bar and appetizers provide by your organization.  Show your support of Bay Area pilots and your commitment to making a positive, lasting impression at BAY FLIGHT 2018 by sponsoring the afternoon reception.