Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend BAY FLIGHT 2018?
BAY FLIGHT 2018 is a conference for general aviation pilots in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Each of the 12 breakout sessions covers a different interesting topic, which may apply to different pilots ranging from student, instrument, and commercial pilots to flight instructors.  Every pilot will find something entertaining and educational in our keynote address by Rod Machado and the afternoon ATC panel.  If you like the variety and format of the guest speakers and presentations in San Carlos Flight Center’s safety seminar program, you’ll find BAY FLIGHT 2018 to be right up your alley.

How much does it cost to attend BAY FLIGHT 2018?
Registration for BAY FLIGHT 2018 is $265.  San Carlos Flight Center Renting, Web/Community Members receive a $30 discount to attend BAY FLIGHT 2018.

Where should attendees park?
There is ample free parking at the Seaport Conference Center, 459 Seaport Court, in Redwood City.  Exit US-101 at Whipple and follow Seaport Boulevard East.  There will be signs at the left turn from Seaport Boulevard into Seaport Court, then follow parking signs left into the parking lot for the Seaport Conference Center.

What is the cancellation policy?
The event fee is refundable until October 1, less a $25 processing fee.  After October 1, the event fee is not refundable.

Are any conference discounts available?
SCFC Renting Members and Web/Community Members receive a $30 discount.  Select the SCFC Member Discount on the Register page.

Can I bring my son/daughter/friend?
Attendance is limited by the number of seats available at the conference center.  For this reason, no extra guests will be allowed to attend.  Only pilots who have paid for a full attendance will be able to participate.  We expect this to be a sold-out event, and every seat will count.  Expect that BAY FLIGHT 2019 will allow for more participation.

I got an error when I tried to register.  Whom can I contact?
The best way to reach us is to email, and we will do our best to address your issue.  You can also leave a message for us with the staff at San Carlos Flight Center, but allow time for us to get back to you.  The Special Ops team organizing the conference meets weekly.

What if it is sold out and I can’t attend, will I be able to view the information anywhere else?
We intend to record the BAY FLIGHT 2018 breakout sessions and ATC panel, and make the videos available for purchase at a later date.

Will I be able to get copies of the presentation slides?
Whenever possible and appropriate, handouts of the breakout session presentations will be distributed during and after the presentation.  Digital copies of any presentation materials are unlikely to be released, but you can always ask on the day of the event.

Can I record the event?
Absolutely not.  Not only have the presenters not agreed to allow participants to record the sessions, but doing so is usually very irritating to the people around you.  Some still photography is allowed, provided there are no flashes, and you don’t create a disturbance.  A video team will be on hand to record the conference sessions for release at a later date.

Will there be food at the conference?
Yes.  There will be coffee and light breakfast snacks during registration, and afternoon snacks and drinks in the afternoon.  There will also be a one-hour lunch break during which lunch will be provided.  After the event, all participants are invited to stay for a cocktail reception where pilots can meet each other, ask follow up questions of the presenters, and enjoy the beautiful seaport views.  If you have special dietary requirements, or wish to have food other than what is provided, please make arrangements to bring your own food.

Will I receive WINGS credit for any of the seminars?
Yes, most of the presentations are Safety Seminars and qualify for FAA WINGS credit.  To receive WINGS credit, be sure to sign the attendance sheet for whichever seminar you attend, and make sure we have the email address you use at

What is included in the event fee?
Participants will get entrance to the conference, and the chance to attend the morning Keynote Address by Rod Machado, their choice of the 12 breakout sessions, and the afternoon ATC panel discussion.  There will be breakfast snacks and coffee in the morning, and afternoon snacks and drinks in the afternoon.  The event fee includes lunch (selected on the Register page) and an invitation to the afternoon cocktail reception following the conference.  Attendees will also get a conference ID badge and a souvenir conference bag for collecting seminar handouts, business cards, and maybe other cool souvenirs.

Will WiFi be available at the Seaport Conference Center?  Can I charge my phone or computer somewhere?
The Seaport Conference Center has WiFi throughout the facility.  An access code if required will be given out on the day of the event.  The Spinnaker/Caribbean rooms have been set aside with round tables and will be the location of the mid-day lunch, and the afternoon cocktail reception.  At other times during the day, attendees are welcome to use the tables to rest, check emails, or hold small meetings.  Outlets are available in the Spinnaker/Caribbean room for your use.

How can my business support BAY FLIGHT 2018?  What participation is available for aviation businesses?
There are sponsorship opportunities for some aviation businesses and outreach organizations.  Check out the Vendors page for more information.

Can I help?  Will you need volunteers on the day of the event?
BAY FLIGHT 2018 was created and organized by the Special Ops team of San Carlos Flight Center.  The group includes flight instructors, pilots, and some SCFC staff who enjoy bringing pilots together.  We spend the year hosting Safety Seminars, BBQs, and other large training events.  BAY FLIGHT is the largest event we’ve pulled together, so we could use some energized volunteers to join the Special Ops team.  Email to reach out to us, and we’ll find a way to welcome you in.

“Bay Flight” is the ICAO callsign used by San Carlos Flight Center pilots.  The FAA wouldn’t let us use “San Carlos” because it would be confused with San Carlos Tower and San Carlos Ground.  Similarly, we couldn’t use “Flight Center” because it would be confused with Air Route Traffic Control Centers like Oakland Center and Seattle Center.

BAY FLIGHT (notice the all caps!) is the name we gave to our Bay Area pilot conference.  “BayCon” was already taken by a science fiction and fantasy convention.  We hope you will enjoy BAY FLIGHT – a celebration of general aviation flight in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is San Carlos Flight Center?
San Carlos Flight Center (SCFC) is the fastest growing and most energetic flying club in the Bay Area.  Based at San Carlos Airport, SCFC boasts a fleet larger than all the other clubs on the field combined.  The combination of quality instruction, clean well-maintained aircraft, and friendly staff have made a lasting impact on general aviation in the SF Bay Area, and SCFC has been setting the standard for flying club events, policies, and strategy for over six years.  A rising air mass raises all planes, and SCFC’s welcoming policy of inclusion works to improve the pilot experience for all pilots, regardless of where they fly.  Find out more about SCFC membership and our active guest speaker and safety seminar program at or by calling the Flight Center at (650) 946-1700.

Will you be doing this next year?  Will there be a BAY FLIGHT 2019?
Yes.  The response from Bay Area pilots has been tremendous.  Look for this to be a repeating event.  There are so many great speakers, interesting topics, and important safety information that we can’t contain it all in one event.  Your comments and feedback at BAY FLIGHT 2018 will help us create an even better event in 2019.

For more information, call the Flight Center at (650) 946-1700 and ask to speak to someone on the Conference Team, or email us at