Why You Should Attend BAY FLIGHT



A safe pilot is always learning, and that has never been more true that in today’s changing general aviation landscape.  Regular participation in an ongoing guest speaker and safety seminar series, like the one offered weekly at San Carlos Flight Center, goes a long way towards keeping your pilot head in the game.  BAY FLIGHT 2018 gives local pilots a chance to take in a great amount of safety content in a fun, one-day event.

During the course of the conference, attendees will get unique opportunities to hear from top flight instructors, experienced bay area pilots, and participate in a panel discussion with air traffic controllers from various facilities to clarify long-lasting questions between pilots and controllers as well as improving pilot-controller relations.


Bringing people together is what San Carlos Flight Center was created to do.  We connect pilots to pilots, pilots to controllers, and welcome in neighbors from our local community to share with them our love of flight.  During BAY FLIGHT 2018, attendees come together with the opportunity to bond with other Bay Area pilots, meet leading Bay Area flight instructors and educators, and discuss flying in the Bay Area with your peers.


Be a part of the SF Bay Area’s first locally hosted conference for general aviation pilots.  Help us create a new tradition in education and networking, and be one of the first to say you took on the adventure of BAY FLIGHT 2018.